January 2019


On Monday, January 14, Samuel Vaillancourt gave a conference on earning a college diploma in paralegal studies and working as a law clerk to grade 11 students enrolled in the introduction to civil and criminal law course at École secondaire du Harfang in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

The aim was to provide students with information on paralegal training programs and the profession, which is still a field young people and the general public are less familiar with.

Samuel, who took the course himself as a student at École secondaire du Harfang, suggested the conference to teacher Éric Fortier nearly a year ago. The educator expressed strong interest in the activity and appreciates hearing from people who work in the field he teaches.

The course is open to students aged 15 to 18. It teaches the basic aspects of law relevant to them and informs them of their rights as teenagers.