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To acquire and sell property, draft a commercial lease, publish a legal construction hypothec, apply and interpret a declaration of co-ownership or take legal action for hidden defects or expropriation, PFD Real Estate will provide the solution.

Our knowledgeable real estate law team possesses the expertise and experience required to advise and represent you. We have acted on behalf of real estate developers, property managers, lending institutions, landlords and tenants, brokers and a range of sector stakeholders in residential, commercial and industrial developments.

The PFD Real Estate team will provide counsel on all your needs and support you in every step of your project or dispute.

PFD Real Estate, the best argument.

Comeau, Pascal - B.C.L., LL.B.
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Faguy, Robert - B.A. (Hon), B.C.L., LL.B.
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Morency, Louis - LL.B., M.Sc.
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Morin, André - LL.B., D.E.S.S. (commercial law)
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